Forever Ideal Hair Growth Serum

Hair Growth Serum

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An effective, lightweight solution designed specifically for your scalp. Its potent blend of multiple amino acids and peptides, carefully selected to detoxify follicle buildup, promote thicker hair, and enhance overall scalp health.


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Revitalize Your Hair & Scalp

Results in 90 days or your money back!

Results in 90 days or your money back!

Experience the transformative power of Forever Ideal Hair Growth Serum and achieve fuller-looking hair in just 90 days. Our formula is carefully crafted with potent plant-based actives that have been clinically proven to increase the appearance of hair density and reduce signs of shedding.

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Clean, plant-based formula

For all
skin types
For all
skin types

Preservative-Free Formula

One of the key highlights of our product is its 100% vegan formula. We are committed to providing a plant-based, cruelty-free solution, and we have taken it a step further by enhancing our proprietary formula with powerful new phyto-actives.

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Mung Bean

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Red Clover

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Transform Your Hair

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Healthy Scalp, Happy Hair

Promote a healthy scalp with an effective blend of multiple amino acids and peptides, providing the foundation for vibrant and thriving hair growth.

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Rooted in Growth

Revitalize your hair from the roots up with Forever Ideal Hair Growth Serum, stimulating follicles to encourage strong and healthy hair growth.

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Texture, Fullness, & Beyond

Experience the transformation of your hair's texture and fullness, achieving a voluminous and luscious look that makes an instant impression.

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Powerhouse Phyto-Actives

Unleash the power of potent new phyto-actives in our properietary formula, revitalizing your hair and promoting its overall health and strength.

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Natural Remedy

Embrace the natural path to hair growth with Forever Ideal Hair Growth Serum, a 100% vegan solution free from harmful chemicals and additives.

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Generous Size, Lasting Results

Enjoy the convenience of a generous 1.01 oz bottle of ensuring a full month's supply for consistent and effective hair growth treatment.

Boost Hair Density

Witness a remarkable transformation and embrace a renewed sense of confidence with the healthier, fuller hair you deserve.

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How to use

Reverse hair thinning in 3 simple steps.
This is a leave-in product, style your hair normally. Apply daily for best results.

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1. Fill dropper full and apply
directly to the scalp.
How to use Step Two
2. Evenly disperse the
serum and massage into
scalp with your fingertips.
How to use Step Three
3. Works best on dry or
towel-dried hair. Can be
applied morning or night.

Forever Ideal vs the competition

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Lianne E.

Miracle Serum

An amazing product. I never believe these things actually work. I was tired of extensions and figured the cost was so much less, why not give it a try! I'm on my 3rd bottle and have no intenion of stopping. I just love this product and would recommend it to all my family and friends that are having hair thinning issues as we go thru this aging process.

Hannah N.

It Worked For Me!

So 2022 was filled with a ton of anxiety which led to stress-induced hair loss in some areas of my scalp. To be honest, I was skeptical. I used it every now and then for a few weeks, then itwo months ago, decided to use it every night before bed. And wow… I’m shocked and so so happy with the results I’m seeing so far. Definitely commit to using it daily and you WILL see results in 3 months or so of continued use!!

Ana B.


Saw the difference in three months. Shedding stopped after four weeks. Can’t believe I have hair on my bald areas. Noticed that my new hair growth has very little gray color. Didn’t expect that. Which was a nice surprise.

Diana R.

It. Really. Works.

It’s all true! 4 months and my head is completely transformed, and I’m not going to stop using this delightful product any time soon. I can’t sing it’s praises enough. My bald spots are filling in, my part is fuller, and my overall hair is fuller, shinier, thicker, bouncier, longer, and just absolutely gorgeous. I needed a product that was 100% natural and actually worked and this is it.

Trisha F.

It works.

Wow. I’m so impressed with this product! Couldn’t believe after 3 months of using this how full my hair has gotten. Unbelievable. Didn’t even know I was missing this in my beauty routine after all these years!

Mollie M.

Miracle Serum!

I am blown away by the amazing results! If you’re at all skeptical, please give it a try! I was convinced that nothing could save my thinning hair and I’d be doomed to wear a wig at 25 years old. This stuff seriously saved my hair (and me). I could not recommend this product more highly - yes it is 100% worth the money. I took about 2 months to see results.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Forever Ideal Hair Growth Serum is formulated for all men and women seeking fuller-looking hair naturally without toxic chemicals, carcinogens or harmful side effects to promote hair growth.

Fill dropper full and apply directly to the scalp. Disperse the serum evenly and massage into scalp. Apply on dry or towel-dried hair daily for best results; style as desired.
This lightweight serum has been proven to stimulate hair growth at its root while improving hair texture, fullness, and strength for both women and men. Expect fuller-looking hair, increased hair density, reduced signs of shedding after use of 90 days.
Our plant-based, multi-tasking hair growth serum uses a combination of clinically-tested, vegan phyto-actives that work in tandem to help support a healthy and balanced follicular ecosystem while soothing the scalp and revitalizing hair roots.
When used as recommended, each bottle lasts for a month or more.
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Forever Ideal Hair Growth Serum - Hair Growth Serum

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