A Perfect Eye Makeup Routine for Beginners

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Getting your eye makeup on point is an art that does to your face and is beyond mesmerizing. A perfect eye makeup routine changes your entire face, making you look fierce and confident. It enhances your facial features and adds a pop of color. All it takes is a lot of practice to master the art of flawless eye makeup with a good understanding of choosing the right eye shades, along with some basic tips. 

To help you create the magical eye look daily, we have curated a list of some basic steps that will be helpful for beginners. Eye makeup can be intimidating for beginners, but with the right selection of tools, products, and techniques, you can master the art. 

Step-By-Step Guide: Perfect Eye Makeup Routine for Beginners

Trust our words when we say that you don't need to master eye makeup art before even practicing on your own. Start small and practice a lot until you can easily blend the shades. A starter kit for eye makeup includes having hands on a palette with a few shades, a tiny eye makeup brush, and some glamourous images of inspired eye makeup look. 

So, are you ready to learn and ace a step-by-step guide for the perfect eye makeup look? Then, continue reading to learn simple and easy eye makeup for daily use.

Step 1: Get an Eye Primer

The first game changer is the eye primer that will make your eye makeup stay longer. It creates a smooth surface for the makeup to glide on. Apply a small amount of eye primer on the eyes and leave it to dry for a while. This eye prep step is important to avoid smudges and crease lines. A concealer or foundation can work well if you don't have an eye base.

Step 2: Choose Basic Shades

To keep eye makeup simple, it is important to choose some warm and basic shades. Start by choosing a lighter shade and applying it to the full eye. For daily makeup, choose the shades that look casual with your fit. Play with lighter shades such as nudes, browns and peaches for college and work because you can always go crazy with bold colors and glitters later on. 

Nude to light brown shades is perfect for making the crease. Shades of peach, pink, and brown look perfect for daily makeup looks. Pull something with a basic neutral palette having lighter shades. 

Step 3: Use an Eye Makeup Brush

To get the perfect eye look use the eye makeup brushe. Some artists use their fingertips to blend the shades, but we suggest using a brush if you are at a beginner level. 

Get your hands on a flat eye makeup brush that is flat and makes the eye shadow application easier and more precise. Additionally, use small to medium-sized blending brushes to create a seamless effect.

No matter what shade you pick, remember to tap the eye brush to remove the excess product before applying it to the eye. 

Step 4: Contour Your Eyes

Contouring the eyes makes a huge difference by popping the color glamorously. A well-contoured eye balances the features. Always use a darker shade to contour the eye, starting from the outer corner and gliding towards the crease. Make sure the contour shade is a tone lower than your natural tone.

Step 5: Color Pop the Bottom Line

Remember to add the same color to the bottom line. When the eyelid is done, it's time to move to the lower lash line. Take a minute of mid-tone shade and glide it inward until it meets the highlighting shade. For a casual look, you can pick a light brown color. Moreover, you can even add a kohl touch to the waterline and lash line with a black shade.  

Step 6: Add A Wing

Everyday eye makeup can be done without a liner, but a small wing brings your makeup look to the next level. Simple eye makeup with eyeliner gives an upturned-eye effect and upgrades your casual look. Use high-quality eyeliner with a waterproof formula to keep your eye makeup last long. 

Step 7: Use an Eyelash Curler

Some people with small eyelashes can highlight their lashes by adding a curl to them using an eyelash curler. A pro tip is to get your hands on Foreverideal Eyelash Curler, which gives lashes a natural and beautiful look. It has flexible silicon pads to achieve long-lasting lash curls without hurting natural lash hairs. Even your beautician may not tell you this tip, but a good quality eyelash curler must be part of your daily eye makeup routine. 

Step 8: Use A Mascara

Finishing your eye makeup with a nice mascara is what you need to do. Eyelash Boost Mascara adds extra volume and length to the natural lashes. In addition, it has a nourishing formula that condition your eyelashes and gives your lashes a glossy finish. Boost Mascara gives you a perfect look without making the lashes clumpy and overweight. If you want to go extra, adding eyelash extensions is another choice but not suggested for a daily makeup look. 

Step 9: Touch Up

Once you are done with mascara, your eye makeup is complete. Add some last-minute fixes, such as using a translucent powder to mattify the under-eye area to eliminate excess oil. Add a highlighter under the eyebrow and inner eye corner. 

We hope you like the simple stepwise guide for a perfect daily eye makeup look. Apart from this, you can search for daily eye makeup ideas online and easily get a look by following the tips mentioned above.

The Bottom Line

With some simple products, a simple and natural eye makeup look for work and college-going students is very easy to attain. Starting with the neutral eyeshadow palette, a perfect eye makeup routine works with daily costumes. To sum up, follow the tips from eye prep to lash curling with Foreverideal Eyelash Curler, and you are good to go. 

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