Why Should You Have Thick Eyebrows and Long Eyelashes?

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Have you ever wondered why everyone wants thick eyebrows and long eyelashes? For what reason do several well-known paintings of women suggest that your eyebrows and eyelashes make you look more attractive?

You may believe that eyebrows and eyelashes are only for making facial emotions and flirting, but their purpose is far beyond it. In this blog, you will learn why these two facial features are so important, why you should have thick eyebrows and long eyelashes, and how to grow them in a matter of weeks.

Why Should You Have Thick Eyebrows?

Act as a Protective Shield for Your Eyes 

The tiny, perfectly curved hairs above your eyes keep sweat, rain, and other moisture from getting into your eyes and blurring your vision. Because of how the eyebrows are shaped and where they point, it is easier for moisture to move away from the eyes. Also, the eyebrows help block light and keep dust and dirt from getting into the eyes.

Since your eyebrows act as a protective shield for your eyes, you should be mindful of how you shape them. If you pull out too many hairs or shave them, they won't be able to do their important tasks.

Shape and Define Your Face

Your eyebrows have a lot of power for just two little strips of hair. Because they frame the eyes, which in turn shape your face, they are one of your most important facial features. Additionally, they are one of the first characteristics others notice about you.

Without the need for makeup, well-groomed and thick eyebrows give a sleek and refined appearance. Carefully shaped thick eyebrows will make your eyes look bigger and give the impression that your face has been lifted.

Indicator of Your Health

The way your eyebrows look can tell you something is wrong. Hair loss is a symptom of hyperthyroidism and other conditions. The loss of eyebrow hair is more evident than the loss of other body hair. When people are stressed, they also tend to rub their eyebrows, which can leave spots.

Helps You Communicate Better

According to experts, eyebrows play a crucial part in human communication by emphasizing emotions such as surprise, pleasure, and anger. For instance, when a person feels angry, their eyebrows will go down, and when they are surprised, their eyebrows will move up. When someone is scared, their eyebrows will likewise shoot up and draw closer together. This type of subtle movement aids you in communicating better with others. 

Helps You Recognize Each Other

Eyebrows serve a purpose beyond protecting the eyes and communicating. They also help you recognize one another. Researchers from MIT invited study participants to identify celebrity images. These celebs' eyebrows were removed by picture manipulation. Without this feature, participants could only identify 46% of the celebrities. This highlights the significance of a small amount of hair above the eyes for identifying an individual.

Why Should You Have Thick and Long Eyelashes?

Protect Your Eyes

Eyelashes are the tiniest hairs in your body, located at the outside corner of each eyelid. Eyelashes function as dust collectors, protecting the eye from particles that can impair vision or cause infection or harm. Eyelashes are sensitive, much like the whiskers of a cat. Your eyelashes serve as sensors for insects and other items that come close to your eyes, causing a reflexive and protective blink.

According to a study, eyelashes function as air filters for the eye. The study revealed that eyelashes prevent tear evaporation by up to 50%, hence maintaining enough lubrication of the eyes. Thus, thick and long eyelashes can protect your eyes better. 

Brighten and Open Your Eyes

Long, well-defined eyelashes may make a world of difference to your appearance by opening your eyes and providing a renewed, bright look. This is since dark eyelashes highlight the white of your eyes (the sclera) and the dark ring surrounding your iris (the limbal ring). Long eyelashes also emphasize the movement surrounding your eyes whenever you blink or gaze, capturing the viewer's attention.

Regardless of the shape or color of your eyes, long black eyelashes make them appear more open, larger, and brighter. It is a scientific fact that baby-like characteristics such as large eyes evoke feelings of affection and love in other adults.

We are all aware that our eyelashes tend to become thinner and shorter as we age. Therefore, the longer your eyelashes, the younger you appear. But there's more. The brighter it appears, the younger you appear.

Extremely Attractive and Makes You Confident 

Long eyelashes are more attractive than sparse eyelashes. Scientifically, eyelashes are necessary to shield the eyes from airborne particles. But nonetheless! Who wouldn't desire a little attention by blinking their eyes? You can convey a great deal with your eyes! You might indicate to someone that you want them to initiate a conversation.

Similarly, a gaze can convey the message, "Stay away from me!" And here's a simple metaphor to help you comprehend it: long, thick eyelashes are to your eyes what lipstick is to your lips. Similar to how lipstick contrasts with the surrounding skin, your eyelashes provide a similar effect.

What's more, have you ever noticed how putting on mascara during your beauty routine might make you feel more confident? Here is how long eyelashes will enhance your confidence.

The Bottom Line 

Eyebrows and eyelashes are among the most distinguishing features of the face. These are only a few reasons why thick eyebrows and long eyelashes significantly impact your facial characteristics, eye health, and self-confidence. Keep in mind that your eyebrows and eyelashes are the curtains to your eyes, so you should always take care of them.

Eyelashes and eyebrows are hair; thus, they naturally fall off over time. Like the hair on your head, they also regrow on their own. However, you can enhance their growth and get them replaced in a matter of weeks with The Forever Duo Serum Bundle Kit's vitamin-enriched eyelash and brow serums. A dermatologist evaluated the serums containing all the necessary ingredients for faster hair growth and hydration. Get the perfect balance between thick eyebrows and fluffy and long eyelashes for a confident, expressive look that makes a statement with Forever Duo Serum Bundle Kit

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